Learning or Improving your French - 12/09/18

September 12, 2018

Is it something you have always wanted to do but never found time nor the opportunity so far? Whether it's for your son or daughter's exams (eg GCSE, A level) or for yourself for your next family holiday in France or even simply to enjoy learning/speaking this beautiful and romantic language, there is now a great opportunity to do so locally with A French native.


LearningFrenchinPowys at last gives you that unique chance to learn French in a very friendly, fun and interactive way either as part of a small group (adults or children) or on an individual basis (including exam preparation). There has never been a better time to learn the French language so close to home!


If you are interested, and want to know more, why don't you email


or call/text 07990 755181

Give it a go! You might really enjoy it.

A bientot!